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Château Troja – guide/baedeker

The newly released publication on Troja Château describes the construction history and circumstances of the creation of this well-known Prague Baroque complex. The architecture of Troja Château, the extraordinary quality of its decoration and the social ties of its builder – Wenzel Adalbert, Count of Sternberg – have been for the first time put into the wider context of Central European art at the end of the 17th century. The book, accompanied with ample illustrations and schematic diagrams, has been also conceived as a practical guide to the château, meeting the needs of the general public as well as visitors with professional interest. Author: Martin Krummholz. 

Château Troja • guidebook/Baedeker • text: Martin Krummholz • edited and translated by Vladimíra Šefranka Žáková • graphic design by Lenka Jasanská • in English • number of pages: 115 •  ISBN: 978-80-7010-126-1 • published by Prague City Gallery, 2017, in collaboration with the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences • You can buy it in the 
bookstore in the Stone Bell House >, in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace > and in the Château Troja ticket office for 295 CZK.