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Files for download

Ivan Meštrović (1883–1962). Sculptor and Citizen of the World

Prague Pallas & Moravian Hellas

John Wehrheim: Paradise Lost

Biennale Matter of Art 2022

Villa Bílek

Divination from a Night Sky Partially Obscured by Clouds – The Role of Photography in the Post-Media Age

Invaze / Invasion / Вторгнення UKR

Invaze / Invasion / Вторгнення

Heroin Crystal – Nineties Generation in Prague City Gallery

The Worlds of Jindřich Chalupecký

Exhibition plan 2022

No Art Today? new works from the collections of Prague City Gallery – House of Photography

Galerie Vltavská – That’s Not a Fairy, That’s a Mum

The Club as a Shelter (Light Underground III) Light Installations

Frida Kahlo – Her Photos

No Art Today? New Acquisitions from the Collections of Prague City Gallery

Erika Bornová: Madness is the Guardian of the Night

Jiří Thýn: Silence, Torso, the Present

An Uncertain Season

Jan Jedlička

František Skála and Other Works

Outdoor exhibition “People from Vltavská”

Xiao Quan: Our Generation – Portraits of K.

Monika Immrová: Refinement

Fotograf Festival: Uneven Ground

Lovelies from the Files. Sudek and Sculpture

Antonín Kratochvíl: Photo Essays

Vladimír Havlík / Rudolf Sikora: Snow Stone Star Tree

Jan Kovářík: Colorbond

400 ASA: Documentary Photography

2020 Exhibition Plan

Start Up: Richard Janeček: I Think in an Ideal World, It Would Have Ended Very Differently

Devětsil 1920–1931

Bedřich Dlouhý – What I Like

Alfons Mucha: The Slav epic

New Visual Identity of PragueCity Gallery