Department of Education and reference library

The mission of the department is to convey art by creative methods to all target groups (all types of schools, families with children, adults, elderly and disadvantaged visitors) through educational activities: interactive tours of exhibitions, workshops, art workshops and studios, as well as other formats – primarily through the creation of and interaction with original works of art in order to effectively, successfully and attractively convey quality educational content and promote a positive relationship to art.

The main vision is to develop art education as well as creative and informal education and to link it with formal education. The educators follow progressive international educational models at the EU level, draw on foreign professional resources, and reflect the latest trends in art education: interdisciplinarity, intermediality, interactivity, development of literary, media, information, visual, cultural and emotional literacy, via creative thinking and social engagement. Development priorities include supporting activities for the elderly and disadvantaged as well as expanding educational programmes on art in public space. The Department of Education meets the conditions for obtaining the status of a methodological workplace in the field. It is one of the most important centres in this area – it organizes professional conferences, seminars, and international research projects, while managing the Central Library of the Chamber of Educators of the Council of Galleries of the Czech Republic, where it is also represented at the highest level in the Presidency.

Department of Education positions include cultural educator, librarian, and assistant. The GHMP has three in-house educators and a team of external lecturers with different specializations. In-house educators prepare, organize and implement educational activities for all target groups in seven GHMP buildings, with an emphasis on schools of all types. The educators are members of several prominent professional associations and specialized working groups that are dedicated to, among other things, advocacy in promoting creative education, including at the government level. All the positions in the department are held by highly qualified and erudite persons with many years of experience in their field.