Art interactively for parents on parental leave with their children

GHMP’s educational activities include a series of creative workshops for parents on parental leave, who are invited to come to the gallery with their smallest children. Art can have a highly positive influence on children’s imagination, creativity, and sensory experience, and so it is important for them to be exposed to art from a young age.

The objective of this workshop series is foster children’s positive relationship to visiting galleries and to introduce them to the gallery setting in an entertaining manner. The lessons are led by an external instructor with special training for working with this target group. Working in a playful, captivating, and comprehensible manner tailored to the children’s age and the parents’ needs, the workshops introduce participants to the gallery’s buildings and current exhibitions. Instructors take participants on a guided tour during which they will learn about the exhibited works and are encouraged to talk about art and culture. The program includes a thematic art workshop that offers children and their parents the chance to create their own work in a friendly atmosphere.

Photo gallery from educational programs