Art interactively for adults and senior citizens / integration and intergenerational programmes

Many of GHMP’s educational activities are designed with all age groups in mind, including senior citizens, who are invited to attend our guided tours with curators, artists, or instructors, as well as our lectures, walks, and other activities. Like school groups, groups of seniors may make reservations in advance for interactive tours followed by art workshops, or they can arrange just a workshop for their group, if so interested.

The core programme for adults and seniors is a series of specialised art workshops (Art Workshops for Adults and Seniors / Integration and Intergenerational Programmes). The programme is always well adapted for this age group, which appreciates a patient and focused approach as well as working in small groups with an intimate atmosphere. There are multiple areas of activities, ranging from classical art techniques in drawing, painting, photography and graphic art to spatial constructions, conceptual, action and experimental work and new media. The series is focused on the mediation of GHMP exhibitions and their creative reflection. These specialised programmes are designed not only for adults and seniors, but also for their children and grandchildren as intergenerational encounters. The workshops are also open to foreign visitors.

Seniors and their companions can visit the exhibition free of charge and then attend the follow-up interactive workshop for a reasonable admission fee. The events take place on pre-determined dates (up to 14 times a month) in the two art studios of GHMP (the Education Centre and the Eco-studio). Reservations are required via the contacts provided. Seniors can also attend the Saturday art workshops, on their own or with their families, which are also ideal for intergenerational gatherings.


Photo gallery from educational programs

These activities are implemented with the financial support of UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) and the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.