Public sculpture interactively

GHMP’s team of internal and external instructors designs, organizes, and realizes a number of different activities in which the general public can learn about the gallery’s public sculptures: interactive tours for all types of schools, followed by art workshops (we offer the following themes and tours: Charles Bridge, Old Town, Lesser Town, Vyšehrad, Petřín, Troja Château, the Palach monument, the lamp posts of Lesser Town, the relief from the Judith Bridge); art workshops for families, adults, senior citizens, and visitors with special needs; lectures and guided walks from the cycle Stories of Sculptures and Sculpture Groups; guided walks from the Aliens and Herons with Prague City Gallery series; and special tactile tours with art workshops for sight-impaired visitors. We also hold special workshops as part of events such as Zažít město jinak (Different City Experience), Open Square, etc.

Photo gallery from educational programs