Open Gardens Weekend Troja Château

Troja Château

Barrier-free entrance: basement and ground floor.

Orangery Eco-studio and garden


outdoor accompanying program free of charge
exhibition and castle fee 150 / 60 CZK

The gardens are free to visit during the opening hours 10 am–7 pm whole weekend. You can also visit the interior of the château 10 am–6 pm.

Program may be subject to change.

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Heroes, Geniuses, Symbols and Muses
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As part of the Open Gardens Weekend, art workshops organised by the educational department of Prague City Gallery will be held on Sunday 11 June in the eco-studio in the orangery and the Château garden. The current exhibition in the interior of the Château (Heroes, Geniuses, Symbols and Muses), the long-term exhibition Stone Treasures of Prague Gardens, as well as the environment of the Château and its garden, will all be an influence in terms of form and content during the workshops. Visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at modelling, spatial creation, and land art, creating objects such as experimental jewellery from natural and textile materials. Haptic activities will also be available for blind and/or partially sighted as well as visually unimpaired visitors. An accompanying programme called Onomatopoeic Marketplace will offer a series of interesting workshops focusing on onomatopoeia, linguistics, sounds, movement, artistic expression, and the human senses.