City Therapy

Curators: Jitka Hlaváčková a Ludvík Hlaváček

The theme of this year’s festival is an exploration of the possibilities of the work of art as a tool for the healing of place and community, metaphorically speaking, City Therapy. We are aware that the city is not an inanimate backdrop to our lives, but one of its main actors. The dynamic pulse and zeitgeist of the city affects us all – sometimes more, sometimes less. Its physical and psychological functions directly influence the level of our individual condition. To achieve our therapeutic goals, it is necessary to search for effective art forms and tools specific to public space – the public language of art. It can enter into the discussion of urban concerns in a variety of ways: by encouraging, questioning, revealing, inspiring, criticising… Its manifestations can be material objects or social situations.

Exhibiting artists:

Veronika Zapletalová, Anežka Hošková, Matouš Lipus a kol., Darina Alster, Janek Rous, skupina Rafani, Milan Mikuláštík, Tomáš Svoboda, Richard Wiesner, Jiří Kovanda a Jiří Sádlo, Marie Doucet, Milena Dopitová, Mira Gáberová a Eva Jiřička, Dušan Zahoranský

For the realisation of the m3 2021 festival, fourteen artists / art collectives were approached who have a personal relationship to the selected location – they have been living and working there for a long time. They therefore approach their creative task not only from the position of an artist but also as citizens – insiders who know the local conditions and have inner motivation to initiate a positive change there. Together, we have tried to locate several neuralgic points (places and themes) on the body of the urban organism in both city boroughs and to inspire activity that sees the city not only in terms of a functional mechanism, but also as an environment of joy and surprise.

The fifth year of the m3 / Art in Space festival continues its tradition – every year the festival has taken place in a different Prague district, had a different theme and was prepared by a different curatorial duo. Thanks to this concept, which prevents artistic stagnation, visitors to the festival can encounter completely different approaches and perspectives on art and public space each year. The 2021 festival is taking place in the extensive area of the central districts of Prague 6 and Prague 7.