Creative week at GHMP: 7 days – 7 buildings – 7 workshops – 7 themes

buidings and exhibitions of GHMP (Prague City Gallery)


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During the week of 8–14 July 2024 (1–6 pm), you can visit all the buildings and exhibitions of the GHMP and take part in workshops responding to the current exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and buildings of Prague City Gallery.

Mon 8 July 2024, 1–6 pm
Education Centre in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace
Public Sculpture Interactively

The workshop will be inspired by the nearby Charles Bridge and its statues, which are in the care of the GHMP. The workshop will include putting finishing touches to reproductions of the statues (changing contexts, setting them into a new environment, adding contemporary attributes, finding parallels to the present and playing with details). Part of the workshop will also be a photo shoot of so-called “living statues” whereby visitors will try to imitate statues from Charles Bridge and style themselves into them. We will then place the photographs of these “living statues”directly in the original position of the statues, using a so-called “keying background”. There will also be educational leaf lets on the theme of Charles Bridge (in Czech and Ukrainian), serving as a guide to the bridge for families with children.

Tue 9 July 2024, 1–6 pm
Villa Bílek
František Bílekʼs Studio

During the workshop, we will be inspired by the work of the artist František Bílek (1872–1941) – sculptor, graphic artist, illustrator, creator of applied art and partly also an architect, who combined elements of Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Decadence and Expressionism in his work. Through drawings and collages, we will apply symbols and natural motifs appearing in his work in combination with his original rendering of typeface, with an overlap into artistic experimentation. During the workshop, participants will get acquainted with the unique environment of Bílek’s villa at Hradčany and the exhibition dedicated to the work of this visionary, mystic, esoteric, religious thinker and, above all, artist.

Wed 10 July 2024, 1–6 pm
The Stone Bell House
Group Therapy / Collections in Dialogue

During the art workshop, we will be formally and content-wise inspired by the exhibition entitled Group Therapy which presents foreign and Czech artists from the 1990s to the present. The exhibited works will become a source of inspiration and, through direct interaction with them and through their subsequent interpretation, confrontation and discussions, we will deal more specifically with their form and content. Important themes addressed include democracy, equality, freedom, identity, mental health, individualism, collectivism, history, memory, future perspectives and more. In addition to traditional and non-traditional techniques, processes and methods spanning drawing, painting, photography, spatial creation, conceptual and intermedia work (e.g. collage, photo-collage, assemblage and many others), a wide range of experimental approaches, including the use of new technologies (digital drawing, photomontage) and audiovisual tools, will be applied in the artistic work.

Thu 11 July 2024, 1–6 pm
Municipal Library
New Realisms / Modern Realist Approaches across the Czechoslovak Scene 1918–1945

During our educational programmes and art workshops, we will present to visitors, in an interactive and creative way, the exhibition, introducing modern realist approaches in fine art and photography between 1918-1945. We will explain what the term new realisms means and what areas of artwork fall under it. We will be inspired by the exhibited works of artists whose aim was, among other things, to capture the life of that time and its changes in connection with the development of technology, the emancipation of women, and the possibilities of travel, communication and entertainment. In addition to traditional techniques, such as drawing and painting portraits and still lifes, we will also use spatial art and a wide range of experimental approaches and combined techniques in our artistic responses. Using new media, we will try out digital drawing and painting and various image and photo manipulations using graphics software on iPads.

Fri 12 July 2024, 1–6 pm
House of Photography
David Böhm – Jiří Franta / Fabulist

During the art workshop, the exhibition of Jiří Franta’s and David Böhm’s work will be presented to visitors in an interactive way. As part of the artistic reactions, we will explore experimental approaches to and play with drawing, painting, and collage techniques, pushing the boundaries of these mediums. Participants will create abstracted compositions by combining fragments not only of drawing and painting, but also of text which will play a significant role in the image as well. We will also incorporate black-and-white and colour photography, utilising layering and blending techniques. As part of the involvement of new media, workshop participants will try their hand at creating digital collages in creative graphics software on iPads. The workshops will develop visual, information and media literacy and promote creative and critical thinking.

Sat 13 July 2024, 1–6 pm
Troja Château, Eco-studio in the Orangery
An Album of Slow Images / Compositions and Artworks from the Uncertain Situations Series

The workshop will be carried out on the basis of an open studio focused on a relationship between visual and acoustic art. Visitors will be able to create their works at several creative stations that will respond in form and content to the current exhibition. During the workshop, there will be an opportunity to create your own fine art score, using various artistic, experimental and mixed techniques, which can then be turned into sounds directly on site by the means of pre-prepared sound pickups, samplers and real instruments. We will use sounds of both natural and industrial objects and materials for turning fine art into sounds. There will also be a projection of an already created animation which sound can be instantly added to.

Sun 14 July 2024, 1–6 pm
František Bílekʼs House in Chýnov
Long-term exhibition

During the workshop, we will respond to the unique building that is Bílek’s house in Chýnov (the so-called Chaloupka or “Cottage”. We will draw the sculptures and their details that were important to Bílek (hands, eyes, facial expressions and drapery). We will design the decoration of ceramic vases based on the artist’s models. We will also try our hand at designing sculptures inspired by different tree shapes and at creating so-called “living sculptures”. We will also incorporate in our work the distinctive typeface of František Bílek (1872–1941), who combined elements of Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Decadence and Expressionism in his work.


Art materials will be available on site. You can come and go anytime between 1 pm and 6 pm. Workshops do not build on one another – it is up to you how many you attend. Booking is not necessary.

The events will be conducted by the instructors of Prague City Gallery, Markéta Slachová Goldová and Jolana Lažová.