Playlist Q 02 Anymade Studio

Playlist for Q 02 by Anymade Studio (Petr Cabalka & Filip Nerad).



Frits Wentink & Erik Madigan Heck “The Half Collected Soul”
Dijit “We’re The Death (feat. Ali Talibab & SD)”
Sockethead “Devotion”
Smerz “The Favourite”
Smerz “I Don’t Talk About That Much”
Haroon Mirza & Jack Jelfs “Datura On A Crescent Monn (feat. Gaika)”
Upsammy “Worm”
Vilod “Mosaic”
Beatrice Dillon & Kuljit Bhamra “Square Fifths”
тпсб  “Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You”
Amandra “Kapsalon”
Lord Of The Isles “Skylark (Linkwood Remix)”
Roman Flügel “All The Right Noises”
Dorisburg “Votiv”
Andras “River Red (Madalyn Merkey Remix)”
Bell Towers “Privacy (Dj Python Remix)”
Ange Halliwell & Petra Hermanová “Summer Interlude”
Ville Valoton “En Kuollukaa Nuorena”
Shit & Shine “57youyoi–Drinkin”
Steve Pepe “Vivere In Diagonale”
33emybw “Seeds Of The Future”
Laksa “Ardhall”
Hoshina Anniversary “Michinoku”
Houschyar “Melanzani”
Zamia Lehmanni “Invocation To Secular Heresies”