Monika Immrová: Refinement

Monika Immrová is one of the most distinctive sculptors of her generation and, as a native of the town of Louny known for geometric abstraction, has a strong affinity for abstract form. On the other hand, as a person close to nature, she cannot resist combining geometric forms with organic shapes. The bipolar identity of her concrete objects and reliefs involves an aesthetics simultaneously reminiscent of interplanetary ships and historical industries. Immrová has elevated concrete to a sculptural material par excellence. She works with it as often as she does with another non-traditional material – cardboard. These purely technical commodities help her in her quest for a streamlined, strictly-formulated spatial concept. Her domain has always been sculpture, but in recent years she has also devoted herself to graphic art, winning the Graphic Artist of theYear award.

Monika Immrová, Untitled, 2017
Monika Immrová, Articulation II, 2015
Monika Immrová, Articulation II, 2015
Monika Immrová, Head IV, 1999
Monika Immrová, Head IV, 1999
Monika Immrová, Pythia V, 2012
Monika Immrová, Pythia V, 2012


Monika Immrová: Refinement

from: 4. 11. 2020
to: 7. 3. 2021

Curator: Iva Mladičová

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Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace
Karlova 189/2
110 00 Prague 1 – Staré Město

Tue-Sun 1–6 pm

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