Heroin Crystal. Nineties Generation in Prague City Gallery

Author: Olga Malá, multiple authors

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Publisher: GHMP
Year of publication: 2022
Number of pages: 388
Size: 270 × 210 mm
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-180-3
Editor: Olga Malá
Texts: Olga Malá, Michal Koleček, Jakub Král, Terezie Nekvindová, Miroslav Petříček
Bibliography: Veronika Rubášová, Jiří Hůla / Archive of Fine Arts
Translations: Milan Jára, Tomáš Míka, Vladimíra Šefranka
Text editing: Alena Benešová, Ondřej Krochmalný, Vladimíra Šefranka
Picture Editor: Dana Haltufová
Photographs: Tomáš Souček, exhibiting artists archive, Prague City Gallery archive, Academy of Fine Arts archive
Graphic Design: Anymade Studio (Petr Cabalka, Filip Nerad)
Production: Blanka Nezbeda Rosecká

The catalogue Heroin Crystal. The 1990s Generation in Prague City Gallery has been published for the exhibition of the same name at the Stone Bell House from 14 April to 28 August 2022.

The book presents the key works of fifteen protagonists of the “Golden 1990s” generation (Krištof Kintera, Michal Pěchouček, Veronika Bromová, Markéta Othová, Jiří Černický, Federico Díaz, Milena Dopitová and others). These artists exhibited at Prague City Gallery at the very beginning of their artistic career, and since then they have attained fame both at home and on the international art scene. The activities of Prague City Gallery in the hectic years 1994–2002 associated with artists of this generation were organized and curated by a pair of young art historians, Olga Malá and Karel Srp. The book consists of an extensive pictorial section accompanied by texts by Michal Koleček, Terezie Nekvindová, Jakub Král, Miroslav Petříček and Olga Malá. A separate final chapter is devoted to the Archive, which deals with each of the twenty-two exhibitions in chronological order and provides visuals of documentary materials such as invitations, catalogues and photographs from exhibitions and openings, as well as press reviews.

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