Igor Grubić / performance

Stone Bell House

The building is not barrier-free.


free with a ticket to the exhibition

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One of Grubić’s most famous performances/interactions was Black Peristyle in 1998. He clandestinely painted a black circle in the middle of the peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, one of the major tourist attractions in Croatia. It was an homage to an action that took place 30 years ago, in 1968, where a group of artists painted the peristyle in red. As in 1968, Grubić’s intervention in 1998 was classified as an act of vandalism against a historical monument by the public authorities.

Igor Grubić (1969) was born in Croatia and lives and works in Zagreb. He is one of Croatia’s most accomplished and internationally acclaimed artists. His work includes site-specific interventions in public spaces, photography, and film. His art is socially and politically engaged and deals with the changes of a society living in transition from state socialism to liberal democracy, from a planned economy to a free market economy.