Exhibition Production Department

A team of nine employees in the Exhibition Production Department participates in the organizational preparation of exhibition projects according to its competencies. In cooperation with the Department of Collections, curators, architects, exhibition graphic designers and other entities, it develops exhibition and exposition projects. This includes also foreign exhibitions. The department cooperates in the preparation of the exhibition plan in terms of schedule requirements and financial requirements for the installation of exhibitions and actual practicalities, as well as in terms of material and technical support. The preparation of schedules, budgets, insurance, complete lists of works, and the agenda related to loans of art objects is also part of the job. The department is responsible for arranging loans of art objects for exhibitions, from the insurance, the communication with lenders, the cooperation with restorers, the drawing up of contracts, to their pickup and delivery. It carries out complete installation or construction of expositions, including carpentry work and the installation of audio-visual equipment, in-door graphics, and banners on buildings. The preparing of contract documents for public contracts is a matter of course.