Department of Restoration

The mission of the GHMP Restoration Department and the vision for the future

The Restoration Department of the Prague City Gallery provides ongoing care for the gallery’s collections, as well as care for works of art and arts and crafts in listed buildings under the gallery’s management.

For collection objects, it primarily involves preventive conservation – ensuring the basic conditions for long-term preservation of the good state of the collection fund with minimization of degradation processes of collection objects, both for objects placed in depositories and exhibition spaces, as well as during their loans to internal and external exhibitions at home and abroad, according to ICOM ethical professional standards. The GHMP Restoration Department takes care of the gallery collections in cooperation with the expert custodians of the depositories and with the responsible curators of the individual collections.

The department provides expert treatment of collection objects, mainly from the sculpture collection, depository, and public sculpture collection, both at the restoration workplace and in situ in the public space; for demanding restoration interventions, the department cooperates with external restorers.

In the future, our Restoration Department intends to focus on further improving the quality of equipment and materials and applying the latest trends in the field, continuous monitoring of the latest trends, and expanding the professional knowledge of restorers.

Currently, in the preparatory phase, we are building a new restoration workplace for paper conservation and restoration while expanding our team with a restorer of works on paper mats.