Special admissions and special discounts


— Reduced Admission Fee CZK 90 / 60 (varies by building)

  • pupils and students age 11–26
  • holders of the International Student Identity Card ISIC, the International Teacher Identity Card ITIC, the European Youth Card EYCA
  • pre-announced groups on guided walking tours and tour guide courses of Prague City Tourism (PCT; formerly PIS)
  • senior citizens age 65+
  • school groups (at least 10 persons) accompanied by one teacher


— Reduced Admission Fee CZK 50

  • children age 6–10


— Family Admission Fee CZK 330 / 450  (varies by building)

  • 2 adults + 1–4 children under 15 y.


— Free Admission

  • children under age 6
  • GHMP Member / GHMP Member Plus
  • GHMP Patron
  • ICOM and AMG card holders; students of art and art history schools with a focus on fine art (elementary schools, art and music schools, secondary schools, higher professional schools and universities) and their teachers; employees of Czech galleries and museums; members of the Czech Association of Art Historians (UHS); employees of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague and members of the Association of Art Teachers (AVP)
  • holders of a ZTP card (persons with disability and handicap) or a ZTP/P card (persons with severe disability and handicap needing a guide); a guide accompanying a ZTP/P card holder)
  • teachers accompanying school groups of at least 10 persons
  • certified PCT (PIS) guides – only when accompanying a group of at least 10 persons
  • journalists
  • Prague Card holders


— 20 % Discount (on Basic Admission Fee)

— groups of more than 20 people and selected partners of Prague City Gallery

  • (the official program of Prague City Gallery has a priority over unannounced groups of more than 20 people; the group can be announced by e-mail vzdelavani@ghmp.cz)

— selected partners of Prague City Gallery:

  • members of the ‘Ars Auro Prior’ Art Club; members of the ‘Skutek’ Association
  • owners of tickets from the Minor Theater
  • owners of tickets from the Divadlo v Dlouhé
  • Lítačka card holders
  • employees of the Prague Municipal Police
  • magazine subscription card holders of Dějiny a současnost and Art & Antiques


* Individual discounts do not add up