Rules for Visitors for the Exhibition Premises of the Prague City Gallery

To ensure an undisturbed viewing in the exhibition premises of the Prague City Gallery, I issue these Rules for Visitors that are binding for all visitors of the Prague City Gallery.

1. The visitor is admitted to the exhibition premises upon presenting a valid ticket or other document entitling him/her to enter the exhibition premises.

2. When requesting a discount, the visitor must present a document proving his/her entitlement to the discount at the ticket office.

3. Basic ticket will become invalid upon leaving the exhibition premises of the Prague City Gallery.

4. Ticket sales end 15 minutes before closing. When closing is announced, visitors must leave the exhibition premises, which will be secured after the end of opening hours in accordance with the security rules effective for the Prague City Gallery.

5. It is possible for visitors on a wheelchair or with canes to visit the Prague City Gallery wherever there is wheelchair access.

6. Persons under the influence of alcohol or habit- forming substances are not permitted to enter the exhibition premises.

7. It is prohibited to enter the exhibition premises with an animal.

8. Visitors are required to leave luggage, bags, tripods, video cameras, umbrellas and women’s purses that are larger than 40 × 30 cm in the cloakroom (the same applies to prams in areas where accessibility is not barrier-free). Visitors are recommended to leave their coats and cloaks in the cloakroom, as they may not be held in the hand or hung over the shoulders in the exhibition premises.

9. The visitor should behave in such a way so that he/she would not disturb other visitors during viewing. Use of mobile phones in the exhibition premises is prohibited.

10. It is prohibited to touch artwork and furniture on display or showcases. It is also prohibited to lean on the wall of the exhibition premises.

11. Taking photographs, videotaping or making any other documentation inside the Prague City Gallery and exhibition premises is prohibited, unless stated otherwise.

12. It is prohibited to eat, drink or smoke in the exhibition premises.

13. It is prohibited to bathe in the fountains of the Troja Château gardens.

14. The visitor is required to follow the instructions of the Prague City Gallery employees. If the visitor refuses to follow an instruction or order that is to protect his/her safety, the premises as well as collections and exhibits on display, the visitor will be asked to leave the premises with no ticket refund.

15. The visitor will be responsible for any damage caused by his/her behaviour in the exhibition premises.

16. The visitor can write his/her requests, compliments, complaints and comments in the Visitor’s Book at the Prague City Gallery. In addition, the visitor may contact the Department of Communication, Events And Publishing at the House of photography (Dům fotografie), Revoluční 5, 110 00 Prague 1, phone: +420 224 826 391, e-mail,, in person, writing or by phone.

These Rules for Visitors come into effect on 1 April 2013. PhDr. Magdalena Juříková, Director of Prague City Gallery