Věra Janoušková, Grey Figure II Prague City Gallery presents works from its repositories

As part of a periodical series of displays of art kept in its repositories, Prague City Gallery is presenting a newly restored asbesto-cement sculpture, Grey Figure II, of 1986. It is the work by Věra Janoušková, a leading protagonist of the 1960s generation of artists, who liked to refer to herself as a “trash-heap sculptor”. This was owing to her use of a wide variety of unorthodox, non-artistic materials including scrap enamel, as exemplified here by the head of Grey Figure, made from the fuel tank of a Jawa motorcycle coated in asbesto-cement. A small-scale display of the artist’s works in the chapel of The Stone Bell House will also include several other works from Prague City Gallery’s collections: namely, Harlequin, Head (both in plaster, dating from the early 1960s) and Reclining Figure, a welded enamel sculpture dating from 1972.