Darina Alster: Timelessness

Curator: Jitka Hlaváčková

The core of the installation is a memory medium in the form of a box of slides that Alena Alsterová, the artist’s mother, used 30-40 years ago during her lectures on Baroque art at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. In Timelessness, an endless sequence of overlapping projections, a dialogue is created between the abstract composition of Baroque forms and the artist’s personal memories.

The theme of timelessness is further naturally developed in the installation Sleeping Sculpture, which materialises the moment when the state of consciousness and the body alter: sleep. In this circular, golden-white object, viewers can rest or even fall asleep and perceive the change in the passage of time and the meaning of things in the space of imaginary worlds. The installations described are accompanied by a series of video-objects with recordings of the author’s performances.

The exhibition will include an extensive immersive group performance at Troja Château, which will take place on 22 Aug 2023.


Darina Alster: Timelessness

from: 12. 7. 2023
to: 15. 10. 2023

Curator: Jitka Hlaváčková
Graphic design: Sofie Sorokina
Audio: Polina Revunenko
Technical support: Michal Kindernay and Pavel Havrda

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Troja Château
U Trojského zámku 1/4
170 00 Prague 7

Tue-Thu 10 am – 6 pm
Fri 1–6 pm
Sat-Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Barrier-free entrance: basement and ground floor.


full 150 CZK
reduced 60 CZK