Andreas Müller-Pohle: Coincidences Selective Retrospective

The exhibition presents the work of the Berlin-based artist Andreas Müller-Pohle as one of the crucial European figures questioning both the ontological and representational essence of photography since the mid-1970s, and reflecting the radical change of technical images through the 1990s till today.

The ever-recurring questions of the codification and meaning of information and their dialectic opposition to entropy and the accidental shows Müller-Pohle’s mutual influence with the Czech-born philosopher and media theorist, Vilém Flusser. The exhibition, conceived as “a select retrospective”, will comprise 18 cycles and projects, starting with the influential early photographic cycles Constellations and Transformances through the multimedia works addressing the transition from analogue to digital codes up to the recent long-term projects capturing our civilization on a global scale.