Alena Kotzmannová: The Rabbit and the Queen

In her new exhibition entitled “The Rabbit and the Queen”, Alena Kotzmannová presents a series of site-specific installations created directly for the premises of the Baroque wing of the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace. Some of them link up with the artist’s series Attempts at Regaining Reality, on which she has worked continually since 2010, grouping together photographs, prints, and objects. At its core is the idea of combining miscellaneous visual motifs found by the artist with photographs from her private archive, plus newly made photos. Each of the component series draws on a specific photographic shot or object found by Kotzmannová, which she then goes on to elaborate with the addition of further photographs, with a view to “renaming and redefining” them when set in a new time and place: “What I am trying is not to rediscover the reality represented by the original motif, but rather visually analyze that motif’s seminal elements as proofs of reality being represented by images in ever new ways, dependent on the change of context…”