Adam Novotník and Adam Hudec: A Nightmare Turned into a Dream open-air

The viability and value of an architectural work is often assessed by its ability to “stay pure”, which always means destroying any form of life that emerges on the building’s surface. That’s why urban surfaces are treated with paints and coatings that prevent the formation of this organic patina. The aim of the site-specific installation is to celebrate the phenomenon of bio-patina, and to reject the usual patterns where architecture only serves the human needs, suppressing all other forms of life. The installation demonstrates that the bio-patina – a thin layer of cyanobacteria, algae, fungi and moss that has formed on the walls of the Vltavská staircase – is able to absorb toxic substances from the environment, for example the traffic-generated pollution from the nearby city highway. How would the city look like if we support, rather than suppress, the biogenic growth on architecture?

The project expands from the Vltavská area, and pictures the adjacent city highway as the natural habitat of bio-patina, using the vast road surface to eliminate its negative impact on the local ecosystem. The evocative idea of the transformation of the passive highway surface into an active habitat is a utopian provocation – the infrastructure would become meta-structure. A nightmare turned into a dream, such as the constantly forming, unwanted and regularly removed layer of bio-patina on the staircase of the Vltavská station…


Adam Novotník and Adam Hudec: A Nightmare Turned into a Dream open-air

from: 10. 3. 2022
to: 10. 6. 2022

Organized by Umění pro město (Art for the City)

In cooperation with Prague Public Transit Company

Galerie Vltavská

underground C – Vltavská