Education center

The GHMP Education Center on the ground floor of the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace is open for children, all types of schools (preschool, primary, secondary, and tertiary schools, after-school art courses), families, adults, senior citizens, visitors with special needs, and other groups or individuals. The studio’s main focus is on educational activities through which the gallery introduces visitors to its exhibitions, collections, and buildings. Its goal is to be an open and welcoming venue for interacting and actively communicating with art. The center’s creative workshops for schools, families, children, adults, and senior citizens explore the subjects of the gallery’s current exhibitions as well as a diverse range of other topics such as animated film, graphic design, costumes and masks, lighting design, new media, and street art. The studio’s facilities allow participants to experiment with a variety of techniques from various fields of fine art (drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, three-dimensional art, intermedia art, action art, conceptual art, and more). In this way, our facilities are like a creative art laboratory. The workshops and courses are led by qualified internal and external instructors and educators with a wide variety of specializations. We also work directly with the artists represented in our exhibitions and collections.

The education program makes use of various interdisciplinary approaches (involving, for instance, photography, film, theater, new media, literature, writing and text, and ecology and the environment). We also work together with experts from Czech and foreign institutions. The Education Center also acts as a venue for specialized events (organized, for instance, in cooperation with the Chamber of Education Workers of the Czech Council of Galleries, the Association of Art Teachers, and the Czech National Institute of Pedagogy) and offers internships and professional training for students from secondary schools and universities (specifically, students from various faculties of education, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design).

The education center is roughly 180 m² in size and consists of a main studio (interactive zone) and a reading room with specialized literature (a relaxation “chill-out” zone), plus a photography studio with a darkroom and a reference library featuring publications about Czech and foreign photography, film, theater, and new media. Other facilities include a painting studio and a printmaking workshop with a printing press. The education center, designed by artist Tomáš Svoboda, is barrier-free.


Photogallery from educational programs


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