Zhang Xiaogang & Wang Guangyi

Author: Lü Peng

Bookshop in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace
Bookshop in the House of Photography

Price: 770 CZK

Year of publication: 2018
Edition: 1.
Range: 160
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-134-6
Text: Lü Peng
Graphic Design: Zuzana Lednická / Studio Najbrt
Translated by: Vladimíra Šefranka Žáková
Language Editor: Vladimíra Šefranka Žáková

The catalogue was published on the occasion of the The Reunion of Poetry and Philosophy exhibition, held at the Stone Bell House from 14 March to 17 June 2018.

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