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Author: multiple authors

Publisher: Rimini, Bologna 2019 Centro Zaffiria
Year of publication: 2019
Range: 173
Language: in English
Texts: Alessandra Falconi, Silvia Ferreira Mendes, Maria Leonida, Dorota Górecka-O’Connor, Gintare Cernikiene, Lucie Haškovcová, Markéta Slachová Goldová, Kateřina Prokopová, Veronika Stojanovová, Marek Třeštík, Pierre Fastrez, Maarit Niskanen, Arto Toppinen, Samet Yumak
Graphic Design: Centro Zaffiria
Photographs: App Your School

Manual for Future Activities
The European manual for the App Your School project is a methodological handbook for teachers and educators at cultural institutions and schools. It is one of the two central outcomes of the international educational scientific-research project App Your School, in which the Czech Republic was actively represented by the education department of Prague City Gallery (GHMP) and by ZUŠ Music Art, which offers after-school art and music classes (2016–2019). The publications provide teachers with inspiration, tips, and ideas for their classes. The project was the result of a collaborative effort by educators from eight European countries: Italy, Finland, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Greece, and the Czech Republic, and its main partner and organizer was the Italian education center Zaffiria. For the Czech Republic, organizational support for the project came from the European Development Agency. The project was realized in collaboration with the prestigious University of Bologna as part of the Erasmus+ program, and was presented at several academic conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is an accredited project (2016-1-IT02-KA201-024439) focused on the meaningful application of new media education. The main task was the design, realization, and evaluation of “digital studios” – six-hour workshops designed to promote the meaningful and creative use of new media and ICT (information and communications technology) in teaching and gallery-based education. The most important outcomes are two academic publications: the English-language European Manual and a Czech-language national toolkit (+ national toolkits in the languages of the other participating countries). These expert methodological manuals contain theoretical texts on the outcomes of research, plus instructions, guidelines, and examples of digital studios in the eight European countries. The European Manual, a joint publication by all the participating European countries, presents all 40 digital studios. The educators from GHMP and ZUŠ Music Art not only designed and implemented their digital studios, but also wrote several of the academic texts included in these publications.

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