Suška – Stones / Škoda – Objects

Author: Magdalena Juříková

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Publisher: GHMP
Year of publication: 2022
Number of pages: 100
Size: 170 × 260 mm
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-183-4
Exhibition curator: Magdalena Juříková
Texts: Magdalena Juříková, Michal Škoda, Čestmír Suška
Translations to English: Tomáš Míka, Vincent Farnsworth
Text editing: Ondřej Krochmalný
Photos: Martin Polák, Gabriel Urbánek
Graphic Design: Anymade studio

The Suška – Stones / Škoda – Objects Catalogue is being published for the
exhibition of the same name, presenting works by artists Michal Škoda
and Čestmír Suška at the Troja Château from 6 April to 3 October 2022.

Michal Škoda works with maximally reduced shapes that expand via
hybrid form in space and thus do not resemble classical stereometric
formations. They look like objects derived from futuristic architecture, or
boxes hiding some magical secret. In addition, he is extensively focused
on drawing, a 2D expression of the spatial layouts observed in the objects.
Alongside minimalist morphology, the use of black monochrome or the
simple contrast of black and white is an important expressive component
of his works.

Čestmír Suška often defines his work through material. Currently, he is
standing firmly in a new phase, dealing with stone. His work with
perforated cisterns is a thing of the past and the removing of a mass from
a stone block represents a completely opposite sculptural procedure
which not only requires craftsmanship and a flexible perception of the
quality of the stone, but also that the original concept of the future work,
the final product, must not be deviated from.

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