Milan Salák / 360°

Author: Karel Srp

Bookshop in the Stone Bell House

Price: 176 CZK

Publisher: GHMP
Year of publication: 2012
Edition: 1.
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-750-8
Welcome text and concept: Karel Srp
Translated by: Vanda Krutská
Photographs: Hynek Alt
Language Editor: Marta Nožková
Graphic Design: Andrea Braunová

The catalog was published for the 360° exhibition of the same name by Milan Salák, belonging to the generation of artists of the 1990s, whose work can be characterized as an effort to reconsider the importance of the medium of painting and painting, which took place on 3 October 2012 – 9 December 2012 at the Old Town Hall on the 2nd floor.

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