Martin Zet: Star

Author: multiple authors

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Publisher: Prague City Gallery (GHMP)
Year of publication: 2021
Edition: 1.
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-176-6
Editor: Miroslav Olšovský
Texts: Petr Hrbáč, Vít Janota, Zuzana Lazarová, Petr Maděra, Benoit Meunier, Miroslav Olšovský, Publius Ovidius Naso, Josef Straka, Robert Wudy
Translated by: David Vichnar
Photographs: Ondřej Besperát, Michal Kovář, Jan Trejbal, Adam Zet, Martin Zet
Graphic Design: Martin Zet

The artist’s publication, full of drawings, original poems and photographs, is, at the end of the pandemic year, a materialisation of the events that took place in the peripheral, and nowadays not very accessible, landscape of Prague’s Motol. For his residency at the Motol landfill, the artist and sculptor Martin Zet designed a performative project based on contemplation and on the arrangement of group events – festivities. Making present the image of the structure of the Star Summer Palace purely in the imagination of the participants, the participation of poets and the verbalisation of the place through original poetry, the delineation of the ground plan and the virtual drilling into the subsoil of the dump form an analogy with an architectural project that will never be realised. The AntiStar project, the immersion into the bowels of the Motol landfill of the negative imprint of the Star Summer Palace from the nearby eponymous deer park near the White Mountain, is the artist’s personal scientific research into the landscape. The book is his personal diary, a collection of poems, a summary of empirical investigation and archival research, an artist’s sketchbook and a catalogue, all in one. Petr Hrbáč, Vít Janota, Zuzana Lazarová, Petr Maděra, Benoit Meunier, Miroslav Olšovský, Josef Straka and Robert Wudy contributed their verses.

Artists’ research residencies in the periphery of Prague took place within the Art for the City programme. The CirculUM project was implemented by the Prague City Gallery in cooperation with the transdisciplinary platform.

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