Saturday Art Workshop: Digital Storytelling / for the exhibition Divas / Roman Parties

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

The building is not barrier-free.

Sub A (Staroměstská station)
trams n. 2, 17, 18 (Karlovy lázně or Staroměstská stop)

Education center


5 CZK children under age 10
20 CZK the others (children, adults, seniors, parents)
free for the GHMP Member Plus card holders

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Divas / Roman Parties

Alice Lenská
T (+420) 725 811 936

Lucie Haškovcová
T (+420) 606 612 987

During these art workshops, we will mediate to its participants an exhibition of the current project by Marie Lukáčová and the creative group consisting of Pauline Curnier Jardin and the Feel Good Cooperative. We will be inspired by the works of both artists which are based on a combination of audiovisual projections and large-scale object installations supplemented by original drawings and prints. In the context of Marie Lukáčová’s work, we will discuss the possibilities of storytelling based on the human subconscious and dreams. We will observe, explore, and reflect on works dealing with themes related to gender, politics, mythology, and science. An important aspect will be critical discussions on the issues of a polarised, patriarchal society in the current era of global environmental and social crises. In terms of artistic responses, we will focus on illustration. Based on the stories, we will create a series of ink drawings and graphic prints. We will also try out new-media approaches. Working with an iPad, we will create digital drawings, animations, or short videos, accompanied by sound and story. The workshops will develop visual, digital, informational, and emotional literacy and will promote creative and critical thinking.