Art Workshop for the Troja Vintage Festival 2023

Troja Château

Barrier-free entrance: basement and ground floor.

Orangery Eco-studio


free of charge as part of the entrance fee to the Troja Vintage Festival

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A traditional part of the Troja Vintage Festival is a special art workshop not only for families with children but also for other visitors. It will take place in the unique environment of the GHMP Eco-studio in the orangery of the Troja Château (located in the lower part of the garden).

During the day, visitors can try their hand at making art inspired by the current exhibitions: Heroes, Geniuses, Symbols and Muses and Stone Treasures from Prague Gardens. This will include spatial creation — creating objects, inserting sketches of designs for sculptures and site-specific installations into reproductions of the local garden, flower arranging, making artifacts from natural materials, producing experimental jewellery, working with fabrics, and developing sensory skills in the haptic exhibition. The workshop develops understanding and awareness of ecology and the environment. It is suitable for all target groups and also in the context of the integration of foreigners.

The workshop is being run by the educators of the Prague City Gallery.