Art workshop for adults and seniors / integration and intergenerational programme: Textile Art and Stamping I and II / for the Troja Château buildilng

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

The building is not barrier-free.

Sub A (Staroměstská station)
trams n. 2, 17, 18 (Karlovy lázně or Staroměstská stop)

Education center



Limited capacity, reservations required

Eva Pejchalová
external lecturer – workshops for seniors
T (+420) 721 328 021

The art workshops will respond to the Troja Château building and the environment of the Baroque garden. The workshops will focus on artistic work with visual motifs from the interior and exterior of the chateau. For example, we will focus on distinctive artistic elements (the eight-pointed star as the family emblem of the Sternbergs, geometric shapes featured in the garden, the labyrinth motif, etc.). As for the artistic treatment, we will draw inspiration from the artistic techniques of the well-known Czech sculptor Čestmir Suška, whose work was presented at recent exhibitions of GHMP. The inspiration for the artistic practices to be used during the workshops will be based on the artist’s artistic approach and his work with ornamental patterns. Visitors will be able to try their hand at working with large stamps that are replicas of the shapes used in his well-known perforated structures made from large metal tanks and other materials. Workshop participants will work with a textile base. They will use textile inks to create their own ornamentation with the help of printing stamps and several types of manual printing stencils. While creating our works, we will explore the artistic possibilities of the multi-colour printing technique. We will use traditional methods, but there will also be room for our own original experimentation. Decorating and composing the image will be based on artistic techniques such as automatism, geometry, crystallisation and narrative sequencing. The outcome of the creative work will be something between fine and applied art. The art workshops will take place in collaboration with Kristýna Adámková, the main lecturer of the Bubec sculpture art studio, which was founded by Čestmír Suška.

This programme is designed not only for adults and seniors, but also for their children and grandchildren as part of an intergenerational encounter. The workshops are also open to foreign visitors.