Art workshop for adults and seniors / integration and intergenerational programme: Photogram / for the YPSILONKA! exhibition

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

The building is not barrier-free.

Sub A (Staroměstská station)
trams n. 2, 17, 18 (Karlovy lázně or Staroměstská stop)

Education center


CZK 20 children over 10 age, adults, seniors CZK 20
CZK 5 children under age 10

Limited capacity, reservations required

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Eva Pejchalová
external lecturer – workshops for seniors
T (+420) 721 328 021

The interactive workshops will engage with the basic principles of photography and will be based on experimental techniques. We will focus on the importance of light as a key factor in photography. The art workshops entitled Photogram will focus on experimenting with the photogram technique. Participants will learn the basics of creating a photogram, i.e. working with cast shadows and exposing photographic paper using an artificial light source, and then developing and stabilising the resulting image. They will approach their work either in an artistic way, with creative aspects, or purely as an informative record of the nature of the objects.


This programme is designed not only for adults and seniors, but also for their children and grandchildren as part of an intergenerational encounter. The workshops are also open to foreign visitors.