Art workshop for adults and seniors / integration and intergenerational programme: Decorating Ceramics

Troja Château

Barrier-free entrance: basement and ground floor.

Orangery Eco-studio


CZK 50

Limited capacity, reservations required

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Eva Pejchalová
external lecturer – workshops for seniors
T (+420) 721 328 021

The interactive workshops are inspired by the sculptural aspects of Troja Château and the visual motifs from its garden. These include for example decorative terracotta vases that adorn the parapets of the south and east sides of the large terrace, the staircase in the courtyard of the Château, and the stone fountain with figurative motifs. The theme of the art workshops, focusing on working with clay, will be the creation of ceramic works of art as a combination of natural and artistic order. To create a ceramic product you need to participate in two consecutive workshops.

The art workshop entitled Ceramic Art will be divided into two groups. Participants will focus either on working at the potter’s wheel in order to create a simple type of vessel, or on freehand clay modelling.

The creative work with clay will be followed by a workshop called Decorating Ceramics. The fired ceramic clay products will be subsequently treated with paint. During the artistic process, we will focus on different ways of decorating (oxide painting, various glaze painting techniques and engobe painting). During the process of creating ceramic works of art, we will learn about different phases such as modelling, drying and firing.


This programme is designed not only for adults and seniors, but also for their children and grandchildren as part of an intergenerational encounter. The workshops are also open to foreign visitors.