Anna Provazník Gümplová

Art for the City Programme Assistant

T (+420) 608 943 528

Workspace address
GHMP – Dům U Kamenného zvonu
Staroměstské nám. 605/13
110 00 Prague 1

In 2018, Anna Gumplová launched from her position of an assistant to the Prague City Councillor for Culture, along with representatives of the GHMP and the IPR (The Prague Institute of Planning and Development), the Art for the City programme, she is still responsible for in the office of the Prague City Councillor. Her main work involves overseeing the projects of competitions for new and permanent works of art in public space as part of her capacity as the secretary of the Prague City Council Commission for Art in Public Space.

Anna Gumplová joined the Department of Public Sculpture Management in 2020 and is in charge of projects for temporary artistic interventions in public space under the Art for the City programme. She has worked or is working on projects such as MuralartUM, Vltavská Gallery, and Soutok (Confluence).