Start up: Tereza Fišerová – Parallel Universe

The output of Tereza Fišerová (b. in Plzeň, 1988) stems from the process of overcoming diverse personal impediments. Her works respond to real-life situations affecting the human being and defying their previous experience. In her earlier performances, including e.g. the actions named Appearance (2010), or Don’t disturb my circles (2012), she tested the limits of her physical capacities, “whipping herself up” to higher levels of performance.

She staged contests involving objects of artistic value, letting the love-hate relationship between artist and work transpire into her assumed role as a coach. Likewise built on a real-life base is her current site-specific installation-exhibit entitled Parallel Universe. Tereza drew inspiration there from an extraordinary experience she had at a specific place in Plzeň, associated with the perception of an alternative reality, which was at that point of time induced by an optical illusion. Here she has tried to transfer it to gallery space. “What comes into existence is an entirely different place, one where two different worlds meet in time and space. A complex theme, one which would perhaps be more readily approachable by way of scientific analysis, which I tackle in a way bordering on poetry,” the artist comments her work.

Tereza Fišerová studied for a bachelor’s degree at Adéla Matasová’s studio, University of Western Bohemia in Plzeň, and obtained a master’s degree from the studio of Federico Díaz and David Kořínek at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague.