Milena Dopitová: I Love and Accept

Milena Dopitová, who first asserted herself as a major protagonist and actually the first strong female member of the then emerging young generation of artists as early as the 1990s, continues to occupy an exceptional position on the domestic art scene as well as internationally. Her career so far, systematically developed over the last quarter-century and richly structured, might suggest that this current show will be a retrospective. The contrary is true, though: in fact, the exhibition comprises her output from recent years, the earliest work on view here, entitled I´ll Stay a Bit Longer Yet, dating from 2010. The installations displayed at the Municipal Library deal with the passage of time, human yearnings, wishes, and issues of fateful predetermination. One of the show´s keynote concepts sets in relief the role of the male element. This is exemplified for instance by the project Voluntary Hero. Characteristically for this artist, she approaches the theme in a highly individual manner, without pathos, with a sense of intimacy on the one hand and a certain distance on the other, yet invariably with a high degree of personal involvement. Obviously, Milena Dopitová is set to “Stay a Bit Longer Yet,” as she does have ample room for communication which has a definite human dimension and which she Loves and Accepts.