Medium: Figure

The exhibition loosely continues with the Prague City Gallery’s successful project Unsettled Figure. Expression in Czech Sculpture 1880–1914, which was acknowledged as “The Group Exhibition of the Year 2016”. Medium: Figure is the curator’s selection of works by contemporary Czech and Slovak artists either directly pursuing the subject of figure or employing it otherwise in order to express their creative standpoint.

The exhibition project is not limited to classical sculptural concept but instead, follows figure as a medium to which artist can relate themselves via various historical as well as personal references – from Greek canonical representation (Roman Štětina) to working with video (Eva Koťátková), film (Ján Mančuška) and photography (Jiří Thýn) and finally, to installation (Pavla Sceranková, Jan Boháč) and performance (Roman Ondák). Figure encompasses a wide scale of subjects here: a character taken from literature (Viktor Dedek), a sculpture characteristic of narrative features (Dominik Lang), as well as a “medium” or point of departure serving to self-exploration (Barbora Fastrová + Johana Pošová) and interpersonal relations (Marie Tučková, Valentýna Janů).

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