Light Underground V Radek Brousil: Can You Still Feel the Butterflies?

Curator: Sandra Baborovská

The fifth edition of the Light Underground series, funded by the Art for the City programme, will present Radek Brousil’s Can You Still Feel the Butterflies? (2021), which is set in the basement of the Stone Bell House, and accompanied by a set design that is literally tailor-made for the medieval cellar.

We talk about the end of the world, but we don’t seem to feel it, we don’t seem to grasp its true meaning and scope. The dialogue in the film consists of lyrics from 90s indie-emo songs. They function as a reflection of the cultural collective consciousness, consisting of descriptions of personal feelings of love, anxiety, pain and self-destructive tendencies. The author achieves an authentic, intimate experience through the use of avant-garde costumes, props and stylised dialogue.

Radek Brousil, in collaboration with the exhibition’s architect Miroslav Pazdera, deconstructed the film into sets (a mid-19th-century gate by sculptor Václav Levý, a fabric installation in a functionalist church from the 1920s) and a neon sign that illuminates the medieval cellar spaces, shifting the entire audiovisual project into a contemporary aesthetic. In this way, different epochs meet in a romantic story with a final original song track performed by the author of the film (vocals and lyrics by Radek Brousil; music by Igor Bruso, Radek Brousil).

Direction: Radek Brousil, Kryštof Hlůže
Script: Alex Havelda, Radek Brousil
Camera: Kryštof Hlůže
Music: Igor Bruso, Radek Brousil
Actors: Cyril Dobrý, Tereza Hofová
Production: Tomáš Pertold
Editing: Alan Sýs
Sound: Dominik Dolejší
Scenography: Mia Jadrná, Radek Brousil
Masks: Krišpa Khinová
Costumes: Mia Jadrná

Footage: 13″ 16′


The exhibition from the Light Underground series is the fifth continuation supported by the Art for the City programme.


Light Underground V Radek Brousil: Can You Still Feel the Butterflies?

from: 8. 11. 2023
to: 18. 2. 2024

Curator: Sandra Baborovská

Organized by Umění pro město / Arts for the City

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