Life of the Prague City Gallery (50)

In 2013, the Prague City Gallery celebrated its 50th birthday. This is usually an occasion when all collection institutions present themselves by the most significant works they hold.

The Gallery, however, chose a different concept – to hold a retrospective. The exhibition not only presents the Galleryʼs history since 1963 but also the previous attempts at its establishment. Equally as the process of the Galleryʼs origination and development and its activities, its acquisition and mainly exhibition activities rather precisely reflect Czech history: the ideological pressures of the totalitarian, and mainly Communist, regimes, yielding to them and the often difficult resistance against them on the part of the Galleryʼs curators via the Gallery programmes. The annual project is based on historical memory, supported by, among other things, exhibition catalogues and their texts. It focuses in more detail on 25 short-term as well as permanent exhibitions. These represent a selection from many of those which substantially supported our hitherto knowledge of Czech fine arts and their cultural and historical contexts both in the past and the present. The exhibition is accompanied by an equally conceived publication.