Jakub Jansa: Engstligenalp

The Engstligenalp plateau is located south of the village of Adelboden in the Swiss Western Alps, at an elevation of 2,000 metres above sea level. This is where Jakub Jansa (*1984, Vyškov) plans to install the devices and equipment which will build a local cave complex after several thousand years.

The artist comments on his point of departure for the project as follows: “The moment of creating the earliest mural painting in the cave represents the first record of a human seizing power over the freely developing processes. Thirty-two thousand years later, this record is not being executed by pigments on walls but is, instead, expressed by the very process of origination. Evolution is under control here. We are programming Nature in order to allow for the origination of a new one, a Nature of our own.” Jakubʼs exhibition, organized in the framework of the ghmp Start up project, will present a model of a utopian device and a video as well as his sources of inspiration, revealing the principles of the given apparatus. Everything will be provided along the lines of crowdsourcing projects. The role of manager has been assumed by the curator of the accompanying exhibition, Lukáš Kijonka (*1981, Ostrava), who is trying to promote and sell this sci-fi idea.

Jakub Jansa is currently in the fifth year of his studies in the studio Supermedia, headed by Federico Díaz, at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

thanks for support
Andrej Boleslavský — VVVV programming
Jan Uldrych — painting
Jan Kožnar — Maxwell render
Matěj Prokop — technical consultant