From Makeshift to Fashion Cast Iron Art from the Collections of the City of Prague Museum

The exhibition of artefacts from the collections of the City of Prague Museum, entitled From Makeshift to Fashion, hosted by the Troja Château, will display cast iron artefacts whose “life-stories” were linked with this country’s capital city, turned out by various foundries in Bohemia: namely, those of Hořovice (Komárov, and Čermák Bros), Nový Jáchymov, and Plasy.

The larger part of the show is taken up by articles dating from the 19th century, a period when litina came into use, initially as a makeshift material but progressively turning into a widely popular and fashionable medium. On view here will be medals, jewellery of filigree refinement, inkwells, candle holders and other articles designed in the Empire style, along with genre animal figurines and more, illustrating cast iron art’s spread across many areas of our ancestors’ life.