Eden – Koblasa’s Land (works donated by the artist)

A key quality of the output of Jan Koblasa, a sculptor of Europe-wide repute, is his capacity to display his invention through a wide range of media, enriching each with an individual, innovative approach. This asset is also present in his printmaking, a medium he has been involved with for more than five decades of his career. The present exhibition, named after one of the artist’s series of prints, offers but a tiny fragment of his extensive oeuvre. On view  here for the first time will be an opulent array of gestic monotypes, figure-nonfigure woodcuts and screen prints, and a select series of computer graphics. In another first showing, the exhibition will present a series of monotypes combined with painting entitled Blue Blood (1964–65). Ordered by subject, this survey of Koblasa’s printmaking, coupled with a display of several sculptures, brings to attention some previously unknown or forgotten parts of his oeuvre. The exhibition is accompanied by a book, Jan Koblasa, Prints.