Dalibor Chatrný: Seeing The World Otherwise

A retrospective of Dalibor Chatrný, laid out in several sections, each corresponding to a particular “circle” of the artist’s creative endeavour. From the mid-1960s, he came to draw on the potential offered by the graphic grid. Applying the method of perforation, he presented his own vision of natural processes. His projects dating from the early 1970s were focused on the various relations between artist and environment. Using strings and cords, he dealt with interconnections between elements, and he explored connotations between reality and shadow. He worked with the energy of magnets, as well as with the effect of reflection and mirror image. He found a medium for experimentation in the quality of colour. He drew and painted with both hands simultaneously. In the second half of the 1980s, he explored the method of dyeing and soaking textile fabrics. During the same period he also experimented with obstructed drawing. An extensive chapter of his oeuvre is constituted by compositions of textual elements.