Artur Magrot, Martin Chlanda and Jakub Rajnoch: A Processual Installation

The work is a contribution to recent debates on the meaning and role of art in the public space, in particular in relation to the specific “climate” of Lesser Town Square. It works with questions of the ephemeral and changing nature of universally shared ideas and their expression through art.

The installation responds to the history of the square, whose use has changed along with the society all around it. The square is a meeting-place, a historical site, a crossroads of transportation, and also a parting of ways. It possesses a rich historical and cultural legacy.

In modern history, the square was home to monuments to Marshall Radetzky and historian and Slavist Ernest Denis, and there are memorial plaques honoring the Hungarian nobleman Ferenc Rákócsi and opera singer Ema Destinová.

The gallery’s curators began working with the Academy of Fine Art’s Studio of Intermedia Art II, headed by Dušan Zahoranský and Pavla Sceranková. After an informal student competition, the gallery chose to exhibit a design created by artists Artur Magrot, Martin Chlanda, and Jakub Rajnoch.