Adéla Babanová: Back to the Adriaport

In 1975, a Czech professor of economy, Karel Žlábek, designed a tunnel connecting, what was then, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. The ambitious project, developed in cooperation with the Czech company Pragoproject, would have allowed the Czechoslovaks to travel to the sea without crossing any borders. The futuristic vision unfortunately did not come true and the dream of the interior Central-European state about having access to its own sea and about possessing an artificial island vanished.

There are merely the surviving plans and designs which testify to the power of this idea and the invincible will of professor Žlábek – a man who wished to move the Czech nation forward on its way to freedom. Babanováʼs project, entitled Back to the Adriaport, is a fictitious documentary employing the principles of collage set into motion and fusing authentic records and mystifications. This is Adéla Babanová’s (*1980) second presentation in the City Gallery Prague, for she has already exhibited in the framework of the Start up cycle in 2009. Since then, she has been a nominee for the Jindřich Chalupecký Award and has organized many exhibitions abroad.