Ivan Meštrović (1883–1962). Sculptor and Citizen of the World

Author: multiple authors

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Publisher: GHMP
Year of publication: 2022
Number of pages: 264
Size: 195 × 285 mm
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-184-1

Editors: Sandra Baborovská, Ondřej Vojtěchovský, Barbara Vujanović
Texts: Sandra Baborovská, Aude Chevalier, Irena Kraševac, Hana Larvová, Marijan Lipovac,
Alena Pomajzlová, Dalibor Prančević, Ondřej Vojtěchovský, Barbara Vujanović, Petr Wittlich
Resume: Barbara Vujanović
Biographical information: Barbara Vujanović, Ondřej Vojtěchovský
Photos: Anderson – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Barbara Šarić – Fototeka
Galerije Meštrović; Boris Cvjetanović – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Carl Thiefs – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Česká pošta, s.p.; ČTK; Eugène Druet – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Fine Art Archives of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Firšt – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Foto Tonka – Fototeka Atelijera Meštrović; Hervé Lewandowski – Musée Rodin, Paris; Christian Baraja – Musée Rodin, Paris; Institut za povijest umjetnosti; Jerome Manoukian – Agence Photographique du Musée Rodin; Josef Sudek; Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně; Moritz Nahr – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Museums and Galleries of Konavale; Muzej grada Beograda; Muzeji Ivana Meštrovića; Národní archiv; Národní galerie Praha; Národní knihovna České republiky – Slovanská knihovna; Svetozar Prodanović – Fototeka Atelijera Meštrović; Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien; The Cleveland Museum of Art; Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze; Valentino Bilić Prcić – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Vlado Bohdan – Ústav dějin umění AV ČR v. v. i.; Zoran Alajbeg – Fototeka Galerije Meštrović
Translation from Croatian and English: Lucie Vidmar, Branislava Kuburović
Translation into English: Lucie Vidmar, Branislava Kuburović
Translation from French: Michala Marková
Editing of Czech texts: Lucie Vidmar
Editing of English texts: Jodie Hruby
Graphic design: Robert V. Novák
Technical collaboration: Karolína Matušková, Ondřej Krochmalný, Darko Trempetić, Tanja Budimir Bekan
Prepress preparation: Tomáš Brichcín
Production: Anna Kulíčková
Print: H.R.G. spol. s.r.o.

The monograph, contributed by ten Czech and foreign authors, experts in the fields of art history and history, deals with various aspects of the artistic and political life of Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović (1883–1962). It focuses on the context of the development of sculpture during Meštrović’s artistic maturation, especially during his studies in Vienna and the time he spent in Paris under the influence of Auguste Rodin. It also focuses on the political framework of Meštrović’s work which shaped the visual form of the national and state ideology of the former Yugoslavia. Chapters on Meštrović’s links to the Czech environment and on Czech reflection on Meštrović’s work provide revealing insights. The authors unanimously point to Meštrović’s efforts to express, through particular national and religious motives, his views on general human topics and universal humanistic values. At the same time, they present Meštrović as a highly successful international artist breaking down the barriers between the supposed centres and peripheries of world art. The book is the most extensive scholarly publication devoted to this important sculptor in the Czech language to date. It brings together a number of previously unpublished images, especially photographs of Meštrović’s sculptures by the Czech photographer Josef Sudek. All texts are both in Czech and English. The book also includes a biographical chronology, reprints of texts on Meštrović by leading Czech art critics of the first half of the 20th century and a selected bibliography focusing on Czech books and essays on Meštrović. The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name organized at the Prague City Gallery in cooperation with the Museums of Ivan Meštrović in Split and Zagreb.

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