Touch The River! (open-air exhibition)

The Troja Château garden and surroundings

The Troja basin with Císařský island, one of the most valuable and largest natural areas in Prague, will gradually be transformed. We have prepared an exhibition dedicated to the river, its landscape and people. In five parts we show the past, present and future of the Troja basin.

The exhibition was prepared by Prague Institute for Planning and Development (IPR Prague), which has been creating a vision of the Troja Basin since 2015. IPR created the Concept of Císařský island, which was followed by a series of steps. For example, short-term projects of planting, maintenance or landfill removal, as well as the preparation of medium and long-term projects. The exhibition showcases the three most important of these projects. Want to know more about the next steps the city is planning?

All information and updates on these projects can be found on the website