Saturday art workshop: Story of a Sculpture / to the exhibition Lovelies from the Files. Sudek and Sculpture

House of Photography

The building is barrier-free (elevator – call the phone T (+420) 702 283 922)


children under 10 years 5 CZK
others over 10 years (children, adults, seniors, parents) 20 CZK

Alice Lenská
T (+420) 725 811 936

Lucie Haškovcová
T (+420) 606 612 987

As part of artistic responses and interactive guided tours, we will focus on Sudek’s photographs of sculptures that have been largely unknown to the public. We will create collages in which sculptures will inhabit various environments (e. g. church interior, exhibition space, industrial environment) and observe how the surrounding space changes the impression we get from an artwork. We will also try to fill inventory cards for both sculptures in Sudek’s photographs and the actual artworks in the exhibition and notice the parameters that are considered significant when describing an artwork. We will work with the sculptural portrait theme, making fragmentary collages in which sitters’ photographs will combine with fragments of photographs of sculptural busts. This way, we will be able to visualize the imaginary transition between the sitter’s actual appearance and its image captured in the sculptural form. Inspired by both photographs and actual sculptures, we will try to create the so-called living sculptures: participants will become living sculptures (e. g. a Gothic Madonna, a veiled sculpture), using simple materials, textiles and objects. This will help us appreciate the importance of stylization, context and attributes. The visitors can also play a game in which they will look for photographs of sculptures present in the exhibition. During gallery talks, we will notice technical aspects of photographs on display and compare and distinguish photographs, new prints, negatives and reproductions.