Saturday Art Workshop: Possibilities and Dimensions of Drawing in Space / for the exhibition: Jitka Svobodová: Beyond the Edge of the Visible

Municipal Library of Prague, 2nd floor

Barrier-free access is provided via the entrance from Valentinská Street (elevator).


5 CZK children under age 10
20 CZK the others (children, adults, seniors, parents)
free for the GHMP Member Plus card holders

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Jitka Svobodová: Beyond the Edge of the Visible

Alice Lenská
T (+420) 725 811 936

Lucie Haškovcová
T (+420) 606 612 987

In these art workshops, we will explore the inexhaustible possibilities and dimensions of drawing. We will examine drawing in various ways. Through experimental methods – for example, by playing with scale and perspective – we will try to change the way we look at seemingly ordinary things and objects of everyday use, taking them to a new and higher level. We will try to enlarge small objects and their details into large-scale drawings in pencil and pastel and transform them towards abstraction (individual creation and a collective work in progress). We will also explore Jitka Svobodová’s changing drawing style – from dramatic and dynamic sharp lines through meditative and relaxed lines to a 2D drawing. All of these inspiring levels will become stimuli for our work. We will also explore shifts in drawing towards spatial work and create objects from wire and papier-mâché that emphasise the line in space.

We will also focus on the transformations, dynamics and energy of a drawing in motion. Using new media and a special animation table, among other things, we will attempt to set the drawing in motion (the flow of energy, the rhythm of the hatching, the paths of the lines) and record it in short videos. The resulting films will then be projected onto a large white wall using a data projector, again exploiting the potential for change of scale and form. In the art workshops and seminars we will reflect on the unique concept of the exhibition and be inspired by the various stimulating thematic areas.