Saturday Art Workshop: Photograms and Photographic Blow-ups / for the exhibition Karel Otto Hrubý

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

The building is not barrier-free.

Sub A (Staroměstská station)
trams n. 2, 17, 18 (Karlovy lázně or Staroměstská stop)

Education center


5 CZK children under age 10
20 CZK the others (children, adults, seniors, parents)
free for the GHMP Member Plus card holders

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Karel Otto Hrubý: Retrospective

Alice Lenská
T (+420) 725 811 936

Lucie Haškovcová
T (+420) 606 612 987

During the educational activities, we will draw formally and in terms of content on the exhibited works of Karel Otto Hrubý, an extraordinary personality of 20th century Czech photography. Our inspirational theme will be the poetics of everyday life. We will also outline the broader context of the period of socialist realism, propaganda, and manipulation of opinions through art and visuality. At the same time, we will touch upon the current and important topic of fake news. During the photography workshops, we will create black and white photograms and blow-ups in the darkroom at the GHMP Education Centre. Another theme will be collages, combining black-and-white photographs and avant-garde pictorial elements and motifs. Furthermore, using various artistic techniques (e.g. painting combined with assemblage), we will also focus on other favourite themes of the artist, i.e. the transformation of landscape and staged reality.